The ultimate liquid asset

Diamonds of destiny. Exquisite rarity.

Exceptional diamonds are the ultimate liquid asset and the most condensed form of tangible wealth available to investors. The size and quality of our flawless stones are destined from the start to find a particular type of discerning owner: knowledgeable investors, auction houses and the world’s most renowned jewellers. The preponderance of investors looking for a high-value commodity to diversify risk usually turn to gold. Nevertheless, not only have rare diamonds kept pace with the appreciation of gold, their value has been more stable. Currency fluctuations, bank crises and stock market crashes have had little impact on the value of rare diamonds. Large, D-colour Flawless diamonds, as well as natural fancy coloured diamonds, due to their extreme rarity, have increased exponentially in value over the last twenty years.

Many diamonds are beautiful, but not necessarily rare nor of exceptional value. When it comes to rare diamonds, possessing the highest grades of colour, however, brings us in the rarefied realm of exclusivity, value and appreciation on investment. Leading auction houses have been capturing the world’s attention with heavenly azure stones evoking the endlessness of the ocean or the astonishingly feminine pinks reflecting the blush of your beloved. Owning and wearing this exquisite treasure of nature is an event, a moment crystallizing a million-year ancestry. We make these intangible dreams a reality. This is our true passion. It is our raison d’être.

Not only are top-quality rare diamonds a safe investment for individuals, they have brought steady and occasionally spectacular returns and are particularly attractive as a result of their mobility and timelessness. Quite unlike any other tangible asset, with diamonds one can travel the world carrying a store of wealth to any destination. One can pass them on to loved ones to be enjoyed and cherished for generations to come or of course, they can be liquidated if and when necessary. Quite simply, the highest-end diamonds are a stable certainty in a fluctuating world; preciously guarded in a safe, emerging into the light when it is time to dazzle. They are a symbol of love for one’s beloved and offer protection for generations.

Comparison of D Flawless 10ct and larger Diamonds with Gold prices 1991-2017

Source: Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Kitco, Edahn Golan Diamond Research & Data Ltd.