The House of Rare Diamonds

Pursuing Perfection

Rare Diamond House is an Antwerp based company with an excellent marketing network around the globe, specialized in larger than 10 carats D Flawless perfectly polished diamonds. Everything we do, from sourcing to planning and manufacturing takes place in Antwerp, the home of diamonds. This is not only exceptional, but adds tremendous value to the finished stone as Antwerp remains the world’s unrivalled diamond capital. This makes us the first choice for the highest-end jewellers,

sophisticated investors, world leading auction houses and those who appreciate pure, uncompromising beauty. Our vast experience of more than 41 years in the diamond business is linked to the excellent reputation that any of our clients can vouch to. Our methodology and years of expertise in close collaboration with cutting-edge craftsmen and high-tech technology enable us to make sure that our rough diamonds attain their ultimate value.

“In a way, diamonds have taught us to live. That is, we strive for perfection, and in doing so, enjoy life to the fullest. We cannot imagine anything more beautiful.”

Oded Mansori, Managing Director